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I am Kotryna Bass & I've tested most of the ways to make money online, so you wouldn't have to.

Back in 2012, I began my journey of selling digital products online. Since then, I have created several design and education brands using my personal websites and ETSY. I also started an e-commerce brand from scratch, reaching 500k in revenue. Through this experience, I learned all the tricks of marketing niche products online and making a profit without feeling overwhelmed. Let me show you what I've learned!

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From time to time I would stumble upon blogs that provide amazing content, but still lack some simple elements that could really help the blogger behind the blog to get noticed. During my not that long career in blogging, I collected some tips that I always share with people when they ask me for advice. As we all know, sharing is caring and therefore, I prepared a short list for you to follow if you want to improve your blog. (blogging tips, business tips, blog improve, blog tips, blogging for money)
10 Easy Ways To Improve Your Blog

These days everyone seems to have a blog and not many really get the audience they actually deserve. From time...