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I am Kotryna Bass & I've tested most of the ways to make money online, so you wouldn't have to.

Back in 2012, I began my journey of selling digital products online. Since then, I have created several design and education brands using my personal websites and ETSY. I also started an e-commerce brand from scratch, reaching 500k in revenue. Through this experience, I learned all the tricks of marketing niche products online and making a profit without feeling overwhelmed. Let me show you what I've learned!

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Even though I started this blog in 2012, it wasn't until this spring when I really started focusing on it in a more professional level. At this point, I can happily call myself a full-time blogger. I was afraid of this status before. I thought that being a successful blogger means making your living primarily from blog posts & advertising. For this reason, I kept my design business on a separate note and I couldn't be more wrong. To keep you away from making the same mistakes I did and help you turn your blog into a business, I prepared 5 tips that you might want to follow on your journey. (blogging for money, blog to business, monetise your blog, blogging tips, business tips)
How To Turn Your Blog Into A Business

If you want to grow your blog into a part-time or full-time job and start monetising your posts, you're going...